After 9 years, I went back to Phnom Penh

After 9 years, I decided to go back to Phnom Penh to visit my grand parents. I was waiting the end of my study year to visit Cambodia and I had 3  free weeks.

So how to start ?

When I arrived to Phnom Penh airport, I had to do my visa… I thought that will be easy to ask the visa but it was hot at the airport and I was so lazy to do the queue but thanks to my grandma was here to help me to have it quickly. It was a long trip because I took the China Eastern Airlines and I was waiting 5 hours of stop in Shanghai and mostly I was so impatient ! To resume I suggest you to do the visa before the departure and don’t take this company airline even it’s cheaper because you could find better company and better price (I think)

When I had finally my visa… I realized that I was finally in Phnom Penh with my grand parents. I was so happy to see them after 9 years and my grandpa was so lovely to bring me a flower necklace. I didn’t believe that I was in Cambodia and it was like a dream because I didn’t plan to come and It was a spontaneous idea. I was like very proud and happy of myself to take this opportunity instead to spend my free month to take driver licences (I was trying since forever because I’m a bad driver but whatever).

The after day, I was visiting the city of Phnom Penh with the tuk tuk for the first time and I think it’s really cooler than the car. I didn’t do awesome things during the first week because of the jet lag ahah but I will let you discovered a part of my first week in pictures :

The market

My grandma often goes to the market to buy food, fruits and to meet some friends to eat pho 🙂 I was also looking for clothes because I didn’t bring so much clothes. Otherwise, markets are the best places to find cool gifts for your family or friends and if you want to eat local and cheap food, you should go there instead to go restaurants.
phnom penh elephant

The Independence Monumentindependence monument
The lucky burger

I ate at the lucky burger because I didn’t know what to eat… and it was really good and I love sweet sauce.

Battbong bar

I like the environment of the bar with modern design and also the door which looks like a fridge coca-cola. Battbong bar is a really cool bar-restaurant to eat or drink but it closed at midnight.

Facebook page : Battbong Bar


When I went to the AEON MALL to eat seafood 🙂 but to be honnest I don’t like to go there because it’s quite boring for me and I hate shopping.


Oh we looked so happy on the picture ! But I was really happy because it was my first time that I took the tuk tuk. It’s way cooler than the take the metro in Paris. phnom penh royal palace by night

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  • 23 March 2016

    Elles sont superbes ces photos chérie ! ça donne tellement envie de partir 🙂

  • 23 March 2016

    Très belles photos.
    J’aimerais aussi aller un jour au Cambodge, pour enfin voir l’autre partie de ma famille. :3

  • 31 March 2016

    Je viens juste de découvrir ton blog, il est superbe ! 🙂
    Je suis vietnamienne pour ma part, et j’aimerais bien aussi retourner dans mon pays un jour… Ça fait plus d’une dizaine d’année que date mon premier et dernier voyage là-bas ! Hihi
    En tout cas les photos que tu as prises sont superbes, ça donne envie de voyager !

    Bisous ♥

  • 6 April 2016

    Les photos sont magnifiques! çà me donne envi d’y retourner une 4e fois 🙂
    Sinon je parle khmer mais pas très bien. Mes parents sont également cambodgiens


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