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About Cambodia 

[one_half_last] My origin country 



Basics tips to know in Cambodia


[one_fourth]Visa price

35 $ on arrival

[one_fourth]Currency – Money

US Dollars (better to use $)

Cambodian Riel (KHR)

[one_fourth_last]How to say Hello?

‘Chum reap suor’  combined with the gesture of joining your hands in front of your heart and slightly lowering the head[/one_fourth_last]

Where to stay ? 

[one_half]Phnom Penh

I stayed at my grand parent’s place but I stayed 3 days in the hotel Diamond Palace Resort & Skybar near to the Independence Monument

[one_half_last]Siem Riep

The Sokhalay Angkor” is a luxury palace hotel where I stayed an amazing week there.