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 My name is Rosa PEL from the banlieue of Paris called La Courneuve. I’m still a working student as digital project manager and web developer. I’m also a fashion blogger since almost 5 years where you can check it here :


“Distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.”
― Jonah Lehrer

Beside of all the others projects, I have always an intense desire to travel since I’m thirteen because I didn’t have the « French » nationality to move outside of France (I was born in France but my parents weren’t french), so I was really frustrated. But when I had my french passport, I just flight for my very first time to Seattle to see my family, then after a year I went to Cambodia and I just continue to travel when I can. It was always a strong desire to leave the city to discover another cities, countries, cultures and lifestyles of others.

I live in a banlieue where most of the parent’s people or people come from others countries like China, India, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Congo, Mali, Vietnam, Poland, Laos, Italia, Portugal, Spain and so much more… If you come in my city, you won’t hear only french but so many languages and this is just so amazing. I’m blessed to grow up there but they are some people are judging and becoming selfish because they live in their own bubble… I feel so unlimited because the world is bigger than my hometown and I just want to cross the line, to fight my fears and see how far that I can go. I was learning to be open minded about religions, cultures and differences. Each time, I met people, I learnt a lot about life because people always have interesting stories to tell and showing me things about their cultures. At the end they taught me a lot about myself, helped me to think different and also to take the best side of them. What I love the most about traveling is when I met people 🙂 So If you want to grab a beer, don’t hesitate to send me a message !

Every people that I met made me who I am today 

After my second trip in Cambodia during the January 2016, my way of think has changed a lot because of things happened to me (I’m going to tell you more on my next blog posts) and I become frustrated. I wasn’t ready to come back to France after an intense trip in Cambodia and I wanted to discover more about my  country.

But I have to be patient, I have to pursuit my study for one more year and wait until I finish to go back there. Therefore, I decided to create this blog to talk about deep things and travels experiences because my Paris’s life become a routine. Ok, I love my life, what I do, my studies, my jobs and my friends but I need more adventures. When I came back in France, I noticed lately that people take too much time on their works and forget to spend time with family or friends. It’s like money make people blind sometimes. I do understand the fact, that we want to make money by working a lot and want a comfortable life but what about the the real social life when you live in a freedom country like Paris?

I’m judging but you know what? I reacted like this before, I invested too much on works and works because I was thinking about my future and making a lot of money. Everything that I succeed wasn’t easy but was possible. Ok, I succeed and still I’m not finish with my school and others stuff. But, I was so mad at myself when I realized that I react like this because it took me 9 years to go back to Cambodia ! Because of what ? Because I always found stupid excuses to tell to my family that I didn’t have time to come. And I had to remark my saddest behaviour when my grandpa who loved so hard, passed out just before I left Cambodia (that story will be online)and realized after this tragedy that I could go to Cambodia several times to spend times with my grandparents. 

For now, I want to live in a world who people have time to talk, to spend time, to do things, to live together and to be happy with what they have. I want to spend my money on travelling, on spending time with my family and my friends. I don’t think about the day after tomorrow even I have to be broke because I just want to live my life with what I have in the present with or without money. The money shouldn’t be a big problem to spend time with people and if I I need money I just work for it !  I think that we are born to be happy and to live together. I’m a girl who wants to have fun everyday. Well, that’s my utopie 🙂

People always asking me, what I want to achieve in my life and I answer that I want to buy a castle for my mom but for me I want to use my freedom to do things that makes me happy like travelling around the world and meeting amazing people. This is what I call « LIFE »

You will think that I am unconscious but I know how life could be hard since I’m a kid and sometimes, it wasn’t always easy for me. The right thing is to do not complain about things that we don’t have because other’s people life could be worth than ours like I think in poor or war countries. This is my perspective of life which help me to see how blessed and lucky I am.

To resume, I want to see the world, live and work in many countries and the most important thing is that I want to do things which make me happy. I need to write about my deepest thoughts and I also want to transcribe about real things, food, nature, lifestyle, music festival, discoveries, about everything which make me feel alive. I want to share with you good vibes and what the power of humankind can do in our world. I think everything that I did, even my mistakes, helped me to become a better person that I am today and that will continue… So I’m not here to be a travel mentor and to tell you, what you have to do this or go there… Because we are different, we do things differently and think different. I’m here to tell you nice stories, to share my life and my adventures with you. Every time, I get lost somewhere, I know that at the end of my journey, I will learn something new about life… That’s why I named my blog She Wanderlost.

« Sometimes, you need to get lost to find yourself »

All I suggest you, is to live your own experience and to follow your wanderlust and to deliver the best part of you. I will be also glad to hear your stories and to know what you think ! So don’t hesitate to leave comments  and hopefully you will enjoy my stories 🙂

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