Oppa : best korean barbecue in Paris

Hi guys ! Today, I wanted to share one of my place to eat in Paris ! Yes, you will think that I always share asian restaurant but come on… Asian’s food is so good. Right ?

So one day, I was strolling to Belleville to find a place to eat and I just discovered a korean barbecue for only less than 10 euros ! And I was like, is it good ? Because I was thinking that was cheap and usually korean bbq cost like between 15-20 euros. I was curious, I wanted to try and I saw that the restaurant was full so which meant that’s a good restaurant.

So my first time I tried the beef bbq and I was thinking that is ok but then I tried the pork bbq and I just love it so bad ( look like bacon too me). It comes with a bol of rice and some korean dishes like kimchi, this is so yummy. Also I like order dumplings that I share with my friend. It costs me 12 euros and I think it’s a really good deal to eat well for a good price in Paris.

If you like korean barbecue, you definitely need to go to that Oppa restaurant. It’s one of my favorite restaurant in Paris 🙂

Oppa restaurant 

47-, 49 Rue de Belleville

75019 Paris


Number phone : 01 44 52 02 20

Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12–3PM, 7–11PM
Friday 12–3PM, 7–11PM
Saturday 12–3PM, 7–11PM
Sunday 12–3PM, 7–11PM
Monday 7–11PM
Tuesday 12–3PM, 7–11PM

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