Sokhalay Angkor Villa Resort – Siem Reap

Hello guys ! Here is a little review and some picture of my staying at the beautiful Villa Resort “Sokhalay Angkor” in Siem Reap. Yes you heard, this is a resort so it means it’s a really nice and fancy place to stay at Siem Reap. You will think that I’m into fancy places ? Well.. Ok I enjoy it when it comes to stay in a luxury place and when you are in vacation, it’s more pleasant. But I had the chance to get there with my family who brought me there because my uncle work at the tourism ambassade of Cambodia and sometimes he can get some cool prices.

The service was perfect and the breakfast was delicious which they propose a buffet and you also ask them to cook specific food if you want too. It was really nice to spend time there after visiting Angkor Wat complex for exemple. Also, we could ask also at the hotel for a tuk tuk driver which is really cool if you want to get there and go where you want during the day. Also you can rent bikes.

I can recommend you that place if you want to spend fancy time with your family or with your lover 🙂 But otherwise you can spend money on somewhere cheaper because Siem Reap is not a place to relax but more a city to discover. Yeah ! You can wait to chill at the beach for that I think.

Sokhalay Angkor Villa Resort 

National Road No. 6, Infront of Cambodian Cultural Village, Siem Reap, Cambodge

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