USA Road trip : From Colorado to California


Hello guys, I hope you are doing fine. I’m back for an another article with my usa road trip that I made in august 2018. I know I’m so late for doing this post but it’s never too late, right ?

So, I had the chance to do an amazing road trip with my friend Julian (yeah he’s got the same name as my son) that I met during my road trip in Southeast Asia in Phnom Penh. How great is that to travel and meet the coolest people at the same time ? This is what I like the most when I’m traveling is to meet people around the world !

This is my first travelling without my son Julian since I have him. I just took more than 10 days to travel because I needed to take time for myself. I had the chance that his dad was agreed to take care of him while I was on a trip. And it was great for both of them to spend time together as dad and son. So everything worked perfectly. And also it means that I can enjoyed my trip there without being stress.

Let me tell you our first plan for our road trip. At first, I had to land to Denver first because my friend lived there and then take the plane the day after to land Los Angeles in California. But… The company airplane told me that I was on stand by. There were no seat available for me while I did buy my flight ticket. So I couldn’t get on board ! I just missed it. So the company airplane arranged me to have my flight for the next day. I was so sad and it means that I have to take an another flight ticket from Denver to California, it would have been more expensive… (The company airline was Norwegian Air). It wasn’t easy to ask for another flight ticket because it tooks so long to have them on the phone and the airport staff didn’t help me to change my flight while they could help me since the beginning.

For missing my flight, the company refund me 600 euros after the trip, so it was a good news.

So my friend proposed to do a round trip from Colorado to Denver ! So it means that he will drive during the entire trip :s I felt so bad because I didn’t have my driver license with me. I can tell that I was so lucky to travel with him ! I couldn’t ask for more.

So we started to drive from Denver to California during the whole day but we made a stop in Utah where we enjoy the view of Moab. Then we were on the road again by passing by Las Vegas to eat In&Out and to finally head to California. Then we spent some times in North Hollywood, Laguna Beach, San Diego and then to go back to Denver by doing firecamp in Prescott forest and in Moab. Then, when we have to go back to Denver, I have my flight the day after, so I couldn’t visit the city as I would like to.

That trip was one of my amazing trip that I made so far. By sharing my trip on social media, many of you were amazed and I’m glad that you felt that. That trip was like just magical. I would recommend to anyone to do this road trip to enjoy the landscape that offers America.

I know that i’m talking a lot so here is our itinerary for this road trip :

From Colorado to California

First day : Living Denver

Arrived in Denver, the next day, we took the road !

A stop in Moab : Julian showed me Moab where I tooked nice pictures in the desert 🙂

A night in a Motel : we made a stop in Salina then Julian can rest because he drove so many hours

North Hollywood for 2 days : We crushed to Julian’s place in North Hollywood for 2 days. We have visited Hollywood, Venice Beach, Melrose Av and Santa Monica.

Laguna beach for 2 days : Before to head to Laguna beach and Julian’s friend house. We went to Long Beach to meet my family who lived there. So happy to see them after so many years ! After meeting them, we land to Laguna Beach to enjoy the cold beach 🙂 I had a great time. It a great place to chill. Plus I did my first beer pong hehe (so american)

San Diego for 2 days : Then we head to San Diego, to land to Julian’s bestfriend. We saw some seals at la Jolla Cove, it was nice to see them. The guys were skateboarding. We chilled in a hot tub in a hotel where we sneaked into.


Drive back to Denver 

Head to the forest for a fire camp night in a forest Prescott : it was my first time that I camp and it was so sick. I was so speechless and I couldn’t believe I was there. I was like a dream to me. Well, I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to do it again with more people. The after day, we went to visit the Grand Canyon and I hiked for the first time. It was so scary because I always scared to fall. I didn’t want to do eat but I was like, I didn’t make that trip just to sit and to stay in my confort zone. Plus, I didn’t want to wait Julian to come back from his hiking ahah.

Camp night at Moab : after leaving the Grand Canyon, a long drive (thank you Julian) we stopped at Moab for a camp night

Back to Denver : Finally arrived in Denver, we just rest and we eat good oysters for our last day together. The day after, I had my flight to go back to Paris, so I couldn’t visit Denver.

Back to Paris

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